About us

This world, with all this talk of uncertainty seems to have turned into a total bummer, am I right? It's easy to become pessimistic and lose sight of what's important.

We think it's more important to be happy and full of life! ✨ Because life is too short after all!

So come on, let's say no to that negativity and put on our positive pants! The world needs more happiness, so let's go out there and spread some joy!

Introducing our happy candle company! We are based in beautiful New Zealand and specialize in hand pouring eco soy wax candles and buckets full of personality!

Brought to you by The Bonbon Factory, our candles are designed to spread happiness and make your life more enjoyable x Stephie Peacocke

✨ We'll lighten your mood 

Moodbear candles will help you stay positive and see the world in a different light. And the best part is, they're hand poured with soy wax from sustainable sources in New Zealand!

✨ A little bit of love 

We believe that everyone deserves a little love in their life, and our goal is to bring joy and happiness to as many people as we can. That's why we pour out so much love into each candle that we make.

✨ Do you smell that? It smells like happiness! 

We pour our passion into everything we do. We're committed to making candles that make people feel good, happy and loved - even if just for one hour!

✨ For the best smelling office in the neighborhood

You know what they say: It's not the candle that smells so good, it's your soul.

We're kidding! But seriously, our candles do smell great—and we're not just saying that because we're a little biased.

If you're looking for some added ambience in your home or office space, but you don't have time to light a bunch of incense sticks and wait for them to smell up the whole room, our candles are the way to go, they will liven up any room in a heartbeat.

So come on! Light up your life with some positivity pants and get yourself some Moodbare Candles today!